November 23, 2016

About Us

Mission: To advocate, educate and raise awareness about issues facing drug users to enable them to live a healthy life, free from stigma and discrimination

Vision: That the rights, health and happiness of current and former injecting drug users be protected, supported and maintained


  • Inclusion: Encouraging people to be the best they can be by listening, recognising and acknowledging their achievements.
  • Honour and Integrity:  Creating an honest, accountable and transparent environment which builds trusting relationships
  • Equity and Access:  Advocating on behalf of drug users for social and legal justice and against or harming others.
  • Choice and responsibility: Recognising choice as a right without disregarding social responsibility or harming others.
  • Innovation:  Encouraging initiative, enthusiasm and creativity as a catalyst for new ideas, thinking beyond traditional boundaries in an environment of collaboration and inclusiveness.
  • Trust: Honouring privacy and confidentiality to foster an environment of goodwill and respect.

Queensland Injectors Voice for Advocacy and Action (QuIVAA) was formed in 1988 and spent 16 years providing harm reduction services to stop the spread of HIV and viral hepatitis amongst injecting drug users and their sexual partners. Having founded the state-wide drug treatment and health promotion service known as Queensland Injectors Health Network (QuIHN) in 2004, QuIVAA remains a peer-based grassroots organisation that advocates, educates and raises awareness about issues facing injecting and illicit drug users.

The QLD Injectors Voice for Advocacy and Action is the state based organisation representing people who use/have used illicit drugs. QuIVAA operates on a peer-based, user-centred philosophy, which means the organisation is run by and for people who use/have used illicit drugs and proactively encourages and supports people who use illicit drugs and people on drug treatment to speak on their own behalf and have control of their own organisation.

QuIVAA is a member of Australian Injectors and Illicit Drug Users League (AIVL), the national peak body for the drug user organisations across Australia, and works towards the health and human rights of people who use illicit drugs and evidence based drug law reform.

QuIVAA is to promote the health and human rights of people who use or have used illicit drugs. The organisation believes people who use/have used illicit drugs should:

  • Have autonomy over their own bodies;
  • Be treated with dignity and respect; and
  • Be able to live their lives free from stigma, discrimination and health and human rights violations.
  • Some of the things QuIVAA advocates for include:
  • Supporting drug users to be socially and/or politically active and to participate in advancing drug users’ rights and responsibilities.
  • Supporting evidence based health and harm reduction programs for injecting and illicit drug users
  • Developing educational materials, resources and information about issues specific to injecting drug users.
  • Ensuring the diverse voices of people who use drugs is heard in the forums, organisations and policies which affect them – inclusion, engagement and consultation

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