Queensland Injectors Voice for Advocacy and Action


Our Mission

To advocate, educate and raise awareness about issues facing drug users to enable them to live a healthy life, free from stigma and discrimination

Inclusion: Encouraging people to be the best they can be by listening, recognising and acknowledging their achievements.
Honour and Integrity: Creating an honest, accountable and transparent environment which builds trusting relationships
Equity and Access: Advocating on behalf of drug users for social and legal justice and against or harming others.
Choice and responsibility: Recognising choice as a right without disregarding social responsibility or harming others.
Innovation: Encouraging initiative, enthusiasm and creativity as a catalyst for new ideas, thinking beyond traditional boundaries in an environment of collaboration and inclusiveness.
Trust: Honouring privacy and confidentiality to foster an environment of goodwill and respect.

Our vision is that the rights, health and happiness of current and former injecting drug users be protected, supported and maintained